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Brow Lamination in Austin, TX - $80

At Lina’s in Austin, TX, we offer Brow Lamination, a revolutionary treatment that transforms your eyebrows, giving them a fuller and more defined appearance. Brow Lamination works by restructuring the brow hairs using a gentle, semi-permanent solution. The process involves lifting and setting the hairs in an upward direction, resulting in a beautifully groomed and uniform look that can last for weeks.

Brow Lamination can treat the eyebrows, providing a solution for individuals with unruly, sparse, or asymmetrical brows. It is suitable for anyone looking to achieve a polished and well-defined eyebrow shape. Whether you want to achieve a natural, feathery look or a more structured and dramatic style, our skilled technicians can tailor the treatment to suit your preferences and face shape.
Transform your eyebrows and achieve perfectly groomed, defined brows with Brow Lamination at Lina’s in Austin, TX. Book an appointment today and let our experienced technicians provide you with beautifully shaped and lifted brows that will enhance your facial features.

Benefits of Brow Lamination at Lina's


Yes, Brow Lamination is safe when performed by a trained professional. Our technicians are experienced in providing this treatment, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

 A Brow Lamination session typically takes around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the desired shape and the technician’s technique.

Yes, you can still use brow products after Brow Lamination to further enhance the appearance of your groomed brows. However, many clients find that they no longer need as much product for everyday wear.

When performed correctly by a skilled professional, Brow Lamination should not cause any damage to your natural eyebrows. It is important to choose a reputable spa and experienced technician for the treatment.

Yes, you can still get your eyebrows tinted after Brow Lamination to further enhance the color and definition of your brows. It can be done during the same session or as a separate treatment.

Brow Lamination is generally well-tolerated, but individuals with sensitive skin should inform the technician beforehand. Patch tests can be performed to ensure compatibility with the solution used.

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