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Lina’s, the lively sibling of Halina Spa, is your gateway to a world of swift rejuvenation. Designed for the modern, on-the-go individual, we offer quick spa services and delightful products, making self-care an essential part of your bustling lifestyle.

Drawing inspiration from the enduring success of Halina Spa, Lina’s injects youthful energy into the spa experience. Our quick spa services are thoughtfully crafted to provide efficient and effective moments of relaxation, ensuring you can revitalize amidst the demands of your day.

Explore our curated selection of fun and exciting products, from essential skincare to unique wellness items. Carry a piece of the spa experience with you wherever you go, seamlessly integrating self-care into your everyday lifestyle.

At the core of Lina’s is a spirit of joy and vitality, symbolizing the essence of our brand. Conveniently located at The Grove in Austin, Lina’s serves as your oasis for efficient indulgence.

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Understanding your needs.

Our VIsion

Lina’s Beauty Lounge is the sister brand of Halina Spa + Medical Rejuvenation, the longest running spa in the Austin area. Halina has been serving the City of Austin since 1970 and will continue to do so with our newest addition to the brand. Our goal at Lina’s Beauty Lounge is to provide you with an experience that is equal parts luxurious and convenient. We offer a variety of self care services as well as a curated collection of locally sourced goods. 

Express Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a quick brow wax on your lunch break or a transformative Skinpen Microneedling treatment, Lina’s provides you express solutions for self-care, wellness, and beauty in the most convenient and accessible way!

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